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Monday, July 04, 2005

Shige's Girlfriend Checklist ^_^

Please check your Popolo translations because the checklist is for NEWS's Girlfriend Checklist!

Here's Shige's: (with my comments of course)

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(X) Hair is long and brown
Camille's Comment: ok my hair is long and its brown soo we dont have a problem ^_^

( ) Eyes are big and look like a cat
Camille's Comment: ok my eyes are small (>_<) im like chinese soo my eyes are partically small, i know most japanese guys likes girls with big eyes because japanese girls eyes are small, one of the reason why anime eyes are big ^^8

(X) Back is long and has a good style
Camille's Comment: i dont know what shige means by back is long, but i think its the our back? well mine is long and i dont get the good style part too.

( ) Fair/beautiful
Camille's Comment: my skin is not fair, im probably like one of the whitest skin in the whole Philippines, i have beautiful skin, i barely get a tan, if i go to a beach and get a sun burn i can get my skin's color back within 2 weeks with lotion. ^_^

(X) Healthy
Camille's Comment: i dont know what he means be healthy but im really really healthy ^^8

( ) Dresses like an adult
Camille's Comment: i dont dress like an adult, i dress like a kid or a teenager, or my style is just pretty simple, you see my classmates and friends dress like an adult, its also one of the reasons why i look young. ^^8

(X) Catches on quickly
Camille's Comment: i dont know what he means, but i think he means like getting things quickly when its explain ne?

(X) Laughs alot
Camille's Comment: Oh yeah thats me i laugh alot like a lot especially when im with my friends and most of the time im the one who gives them a laugh ^^8

(X) Will accept anything
Camille's Comment: sometimes its hard for me to accept things especially if they affect my principles in life, but more or less il be able to accept it esp if i love the person soo much.

(X) Will get mad if she is mad
Camille's Comment: i do get mad, and i let it out everytime i am, even ask rabs she knows how i get mad, i write long emails about it, esp when im disapointed, but when i get mad i always have a reason and its just not a simple thing, because i easily forget those.

( ) Can make spicy burdork
Camille's Comment: i can cook but i dont know what the hell is this *gets a cook book*

(X) Can make milk crepe
Camille's Comment: ohh goodie i know crepe i can make that for you baby shige <333

(X) Can fold laundry
Camille's Comment: i fold laundry because i do that im my condo ^^8

(X) Can express her feelings
Camille's Comment: im very expressive even ask my "guy" friends. ^^8

(X) Can talk about movies with me
Camille's Comment: im a critic il comment on everything, because i notice everything soo i comment on them, even if its my favorite artist acting.

(X) Can sing well
Camille's Comment: um you can i have a duo its called "CD" DARAPI <3333

( ) Can play shooting games
Camille's Comment: i suck in arcade games shige >_< gomen you can teach me ne?

(X) Can laugh at the same place in a movie
Camille's Comment: omg im probably one of the noisiest people in the moviehouse >_< well it depends on the movie though

(X) Likes flowers
Camille's Comment: who doesnt love flowers? il grow a garden with you shige <3333

(X) Room is clean
Camille's Comment: i dont clean my room in my house because if i do that none is left for the maids to do so i just leave my things and they clean it, but in my condo i clean the whole of it, i dont like a messey room, i cant work like that >_<

(X) We like the same type of music
Camille's Comment: i dont really know the type of music he likes but i think i like his type of music too ^^8

(X) Will cover me up with a blanket when I take a nap
Camille's Comment: shige such a baby ne? soo kawaii ^^8 yes, i will i do that to my sisters ^_^

(X) Will rinse off my back in the shower(laugh)
Camille's Comment: O_O NO NEED TO TELL ME IL GLADLY DO IT!!!

(X) Is willing to let me put ym arm around her
Camille's Comment: im showy of my feelings, and if shige's gonna put his arm OMG IM WILLING!!

(X) Sometimes compliments me on my work
Camille's Comment: yes, i do that actually dont be scared if i say bad things ne?

(X) Clean and beautiful

(X) Clear heart

(X) Has a reason for life(has a dream)

(X) Will love me until I die
Camille's Comment: why until you die, even if you die il still love you shige <333

(X) Looks cute when she sleeps
Camille's Comment: many people say im soo cute when i sleep they said i sleep like a baby ^^8

Ok guys i got like 23 check soo i pass, if you guys get 20 and above then you pass for shige's girlfriend ^_^

If you become my girlfriend, there are 5 benefits!
1. I will become the boyfriend of her dreams
2. I’ll eat the food that she leaves
Camille's Comment: OMG shige no, we can share food ne?
3. I will listen to her dreams
Camille's Comment: i have lots of them and one of them is YOU!!
4. I’ll make a song for her
Camille's Comment: OMG A COMPOSER ^^*
5. I’ll help her with her homework
Camille's Comment: i badly need help please TT_TT


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Various Funny Clips ^_^

Takki liking Yamapi, its his favorite ever since

Shige gay clip lookin at nakamaru (>_<)
look how he looks omg soo hawt!!!

The Takki gay clip

i already saw ryo slapping two people now

Kusano slap
ryo slap him because kusano describe him as a Doll ^_^8 everyone knows how manly ryo is ne? and you can see the news members are the back already because they are sano was gonna say something bad to ryo hahaha *LMAO*
Ryoii Slap

shows takki stripping
tsubasa was suppose to strip but it end up only takki i dont know tsubasa didnt do it

and shige stripping
dont mind sano just mind the man at the back takking off his pants ^_^

shige piggy back ride Koyama
Koyama says "Onaka suita" which means im thirsty in Japanese and shige says
"Cho Chotto matte yo!" Means "wait a little" i dont know thats the only two things they said its soo adorable

Ohkura Oil
OMG THE FUNNIEST EVER FIRST TIME I WATCHED IT IL ROLLED OVER THE FLOOR!! Ohkura was cooking and flipped and the oil went to hand and he screamed like a girl omg the best!!

Uchi fish
Also one of the best hina was fishing and uchi was near by when he got a fish he hold it and the fish jumped to uchi and uchi screamed HE WAS SOO SCARED OF THE FISH OMG SOO ADORABLE!!!

omg Ryoii (thats what i call baby ryo) is sooo adorable <33

Ryoii and Yoko
its the water melon photoshoot in sugao 2

credits: wanda + me + pbf

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Camille's Birthday Wishes

1. World Peace
Ok kinda lame and quite impossible ne? but i want like even peace in my own country, even everyone is going crazy now, i wish everyone will settle down, and take things calmly.

2. Protection and guidence for me and for my love ones
as i go to a new school, i wish to be guided protection and i hope i will feel fulfilled with my new course and new school, i hope i will be focusd on my studies, and pass all my subjects, bless my family and love ones too while im gone, since i will spend most of the time away from them please keep them safe.

3. For all my friends to be happy and protection
i have friends all over the world *winks at the PBF girls* i hope all my friends are always safe and happy in all the things that they are doing, even though im not with you guys, and even if its okay the internet cable that keeps us in touch, i always love you guys like how i love my real friends whom i see in person ^_^ and all my friends, tandaan niyo mahal ko kayong lahat at nandito lang ako para sainyo kung kailangan niyo ko, well met in the net and thats like 2 years ago and all of us are still here, i cherish everything you guys did for me and i thanked those 4 persons who brought us all together ^_^

4. To learn and master Japanese Language
i hope while im studying in manila, i can study and master the Japanese language, so that i can understand my pretty boys and talk to them if ever theres a chance ne? since DBSK went japanese too ^_^

5. To go to Japan on Nov for Takki's solo con or T&T's 06 Con
I hope rabs and i will able to go Japan on Nov, and to have enough money to go to Japan, we wont have a hard time looking for our Tickets, and i hope to see Takki in person, I hope we can go see Shonen Club and Zubari yo tapings and see Ryo, Shige, Uchi, yamapi, Kame, Jin and Junno.

6. For ZaiZai to be Happy
I heard that ZZ is heartborken lately because he broken up with Xu Wei Lun, i hope all his friends will confort him and who let him be sad, make him cheerful like he always was, so that he wont lose weight.

7. My pretty boys will stop smoking
I hope Takki and Jaejoong will stop smoking, im not sure if Ryo or Shige smokes, i know Kame and Jin does soo i hope they stop smoking ^_^ guys its bad for your health soo "Yamete Onegai!!" WAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR FAMILY? ^_^8

8. Ryo wont slapp people anymore
Ryo Honey, dont slap people anymore, just slap me instead of anyone, so that Dara and victoria will stop hating you honey, ne?

9. I hope my parents get me an ipod
I hope they get me an ipod, if not an ipod a mini ipod, i want a pink or a blue one, the reason why i like the pink one its not because i like pink, but because Ryo has the same one. ^_^

10. I hope i can get all my Jpop stuffs: OKANE PLEASE!!
im asking someone to buy it for me in Thailand, i hope can purchase it, i hope i have money too, because i still have to save up for my japan trip, some things i have to pre-order, and Japanese classes fees in my small small allowance.

11. I hope he will learn his lesson
of everything is happening now, i hope he realzes he's wrong and check himself before he blames others, i hope he will be more considerate to others than thinking of himself. i hope he's not too proud, and be blinded. (dont ask me who i cant tell)

12. More rest for my Pretty Boys
I hope Johnnys and SM will give my boys a break, esp of Uchi, Ryo and Takki, and my DBSK boys. Their companies are giving them too much work i hope this summer they'll all go to hawaii like they always do ^_^

13. I Hope CD Debuts soon *blinks*
I Hope that wonderful duo whats their names again? Camille N Dara? oh yes them i love them i hope they debut soon and come out with an ablum ^_^8

14. KATTUN and Kanjani 8 Debuts
I hope KATTUN's debuts this year, i know how they grew over this 5 years and they are really popular they deserve to debut, even Kanjani 8, i know its too early, but they are also getting popular now too ^_^ i hope Ryo and Uchi still retains in K8 ^_^

15. I hope no one of my pretty boys will get married or at leats have girlfriends
Takki<- Too busy to have one, soo takki no girls now ok? keep aya away ^_^
ZaiZai<- after Xu Wei Lun.. Baby i think you should rest first ^_^
JaeJoong <- youre too busy too, study first arasho?
Ryo & Shige <- Ryo concerate on your carrer first no girls ne? il slap you!, Shige i know your a smartass soo study first ne? i want you to finish high school ^_^

16. I hope its the Japanese turn to dominate Philippines
Seriously too much Chinese and Korean, what happen to the Japanese? they are talented too and SUPER HOT ^_^

17. No boyfriends yet for me
i think im happy perving my pretty boys now, NO BOYFRIENDS YET NO I DONT LIKE PLEASE! ^_^ GO AWAY hahahaha

18. I hope i can watch Ryo and Uchi's summer drama
its coming out on July 7, and me and rabs should really watch it, i hope she learns to download it from BT, or Victoria and Amiia is always there to upload it for us.

19. I hope my dad permits me to put Internet on my condo
guys im going to school on monday, and its in another city, my dad didnt put a phone line in my Condo T_T
he says i wont study and il just go on net than study (which is actually true hahaha) so he dsnt put a phone line damn (>_<)

i think il be having a party tom, after church maybe me and family will have lunch or dinner? i hope they give me money so i can start saving, you guys know how short of money i have because its been like wat? 6 months since i didnt go to school ^^8 you asked why? because im special ^_^

OK there you have 20 wishes for my 20th birthday ^_^

btw its not Twenty but Twenteen!!!!! hahahaha